Lunchtime Salad Hack

I’ve been seeing this to-go salad hack for quite sometime, and one morning (in a very unconventional video) I decided to go for it. And this is the video proof that I’m a klutz. It’s a wonder I still have all my fingers (digits grow back… usually. At least a piece of mine did).

The result was that this is a hack I would for sure use again. I might not fill my cup as full, but my lettuce stayed crisp and delicious!

Please note: This video was recorded PRIOR to our social-distancing quarantine life. I was going to hold off on posting this because… hello, on the go… we can’t really go to work, or conferences, or do life… but I realized this might actually be helpful to those who want to leave the house and bring lunch during these social distancing adventures. So cheers!

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