Rotisserie Chicken – Deluxe Air Fryer

By : | 0 Comments | On : April 7, 2020 | Category : Air Fryer, Gluten Free, Recipes

I will never buy a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket again. Never. This was BY FAR the best tasting rotisserie we’ve ever eaten!! And with the new Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer (that has a handy rotisserie function) it took less than 15 minutes to season and prepare this chicken for the machine. Then out came magic! SO AMAZING!

Get yours here (this is an affiliate link) or comment and ask me how you can get one for free by hosting a catalog show: https://bit.ly/34hojAs

Best Chicken Seasoning:
— 2 tsp smoked paprika
— 1 tsp salt
— 1 tsp onion powder
— 1 tsp thyme
— 1 tsp white pepper
— 1 tsp chipotle or cayenne
— ½ ts garlic powder
— ½ tsp black pepper

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