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Red Beans, Brown Rice, and Collards

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#AECRoadTrip RECIPE SIX: Finds us down south in Louisiana! And while we did not have this recipe while we were there, as luck would have it, a friend of mine requested this when I got home! So I jumped at the chance to make this nutrient dense Louisiana Staple of ... more

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Elote Mexican Street Corn

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For years I’ve seen this Elote Mexican Street Corn being sold by street all over Northern California (and in Mexico), but I’ve never had the chance to try it! Seeing corn on the cob on sale this week had me wondering… “Can you do Elote in the Air Fryer?” Cue ... more

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Parmesan Zucchini Coins & Parm Crusted Sourdough – Deluxe Air Fryer

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Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions in regards to what else I use my Deluxe Air Fryer for… so I thought I would show you. In this video I make one of my favorite zucchini recipes and when using the air fryer, it makes it that much easier and ... more

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Butternut Squash Soup (Deluxe Cooking Blender)

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 I decided to try out my Deluxe Cooking Blender for more than Blender Parm or a smoothie and… OH MY GOSH! This simple and quickly prepared soup is phenomenal! I have no words for just how easy and convenient this blender is! And it cleans itself… What is this ... more

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