NY Levain Cookies – Copycat Recipe

By : | 2 Comments | On : November 23, 2020 | Category : Desserts, Recipes

This is the cookie your mama warned you about. It is sunshine on a cloudy day… it is nostalgia wrapped between fluffy goodness… and beware, it weighs 6oz and is NOT a low calorie food… but oh my word is it good.

The NY Levain Bakery is known for their HUGE cakelike cookies. Obviously being a sugar lover and cookie lover, you know I had to try them out. The first time I tried them, I did not heed the warnings that said “don’t skip the cake flour” and I was so sad. They were good, but were they anything to write home about… well yes, but they were not NY Levain Cookies! So onward I trudged and when you make them exactly how the recipes calls… the angels sing (or is that the bathroom scale screaming?)

I’ve been notified that this is Joshua Wiessman’s recipe-esque… Or at least close! So if you want to see the video of him and Babish going to NY and trying the cookie… go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYH1Z7TUSEI


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Comments (2)

  1. posted by Linda on November 24, 2020

    Are these soft and chewy cookies, or more cake-like?

    • posted by Heather Neff on November 28, 2020

      They are definitely cake-like! Now, I say that and I’ll tell you I am generally a chewy cooker lover… but these are naughty-good!


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