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Breakfast Crescent Roll-Ups

By: AEC Heather | 0 Comments | | Category: Air Fryer, Recipes, TikTok

 This is an amazing hearty breakfast idea that you can make ahead and freeze in individual portions! Inspired from something I saw on tiktok (they did a cheeseburger one), I took my families favorite breakfast foods and made them into these beautiful roll-ups! They look amazingly like flowers! I’m ... more

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Tik Tok made me do it – Pizza Bombs

By: AEC Heather | 0 Comments | | Category: Air Fryer, Get it together and go, Recipes, TikTok

 Tik Tok is at it again! Tempting me with recipes that I simply MUST try!! And try I did. Did I love it… hmm, well that is up for debate, but it did work and it was so fun to do with my nephews (you can see pics of ... more

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Viral TikTok Feta Pasta

By: AEC Heather | 0 Comments | | Category: Gluten Free, Kitchen Hacks, One Pot, Recipes, TikTok

 TikTok made me do it! This recipe has been roaming around the internet (specifically TikTok) for months and now it’s time for me to try it! This incredibly easy recipe yielded unexpected results. It comes together in just a few minutes and wow, you simply must try it. Unfortunately, ... more

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