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Onion Soup Mix (Better than Lipton)

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 You control the ingredients, you control the additives, you control the flavor! Try this recipe and you may never buy the boxed stuff again! This onion soup mix recipe will completely blow your mind!   Print your recipe here:  Dry Onion Soup Ingredients: ¼ cup dried onion flakes ... more

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Wagyu Beef vs Grass-fed Beef Burgers – Adventures in Everyday Cooking

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 The time has come for me to try this new fangled beef called Wagyu. So in this video, watch as I put some ground Wagyu up against an organic grass-fed beef! Oh man, you won’t believe the results! #WagyuBeefBurgers #WagyuBeefRecipes #AdventuresinEverdayCooking **** MERCH is here: http://tee.pub/lic/zCPUJ9t3EZk Visit my website ... more

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Creole Chicken

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I’ve decided to start posting all my monthly recipes here on the website, even if I didn’t make a video. Mostly because I want to remember what I made next year, but also because people are asking what I have in between videos. Yes, I do new recipes not on ... more

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