January 14, 2021 Heather Neff 0

 Ratatouille is one of those dishes that almost everyone has heard of, but very few people have tried. So, in the name of adventure, […]

Pork Tamales

November 27, 2020 Heather Neff 0

 Making Tamales from scratch is quite the undertaking, but making them for the first time ever by yourself is downright crazy. BUT, in this […]

Adobo-Style Eggplant

September 3, 2020 Heather Neff 0

I live in a rural community in Northern California and each week during the summer we get a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) fruit and veggie […]

Basil Pesto

August 31, 2020 Heather Neff 0

Basil Pesto is a true #GetItTogetherandGo meal. It takes 5 ingredients, a blender or food processor, and 5 minutes before you will have a rich […]