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E:1 Baked Fish in Foil – Pampered Chef TasteBuds

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 Have you been curious as to what the new Pampered Chef TasteBuds subscription is all about? Me too! Which is why I’m going through what comes in the package each month, putting together the meals, and telling you honestly exactly what I think about this idea. This is video ... more

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Crunchy Breaded Air Fried Okra

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 Cut the calories and make your breaded okra in your air fryer! It’s crispy, it’s crunchy… it’s amazing! If you are an okra lover, you simply must try! It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t make your okra like this before. Air Fryer Okra Ingredients: 1 package of ... more

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Southern Air Fried Chicken

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 Does Southern Fried Chicken have to be deep fried? After this video, my answer is no! Wow, I can’t believe how crispy the Air Fryer made this chicken and how incredibly good it was! Dare I say this chicken would make a Southerner proud?? I think I dare! If ... more

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Air Fryer Oreos

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 Beware! Air fried Oreos are downright naughty. If you make the whole batch, be prepared to eat a few without carrying how many calories you’ve just consumed. And you will love every minute of it. Print your recipe here:  Air Fried Oreos Ingredients: ● 1 pop-can refrigerated crescent ... more

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Pampered Chef’s Pad Thai Mix Review

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 New for 2022, Pampered Chef has released some brand new seasoning mixes! I was so excited to see Pad Thai in that mix that I just new I needed to try it! But with me moving and my kitchen being packed I was struggling to figure out when and ... more

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Sous Vide Egg Bites in the Deluxe Multi-Cooker (with Olivia)

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 My niece Olivia is on the channel today and she wanted to learn how to use the Deluxe Multi-Cooker from #PamperedChef to make Sous Vide Egg Bites! They are so easy, even a kid can do it. Check out the new Pampered Chef Deluxe Multi Cooker (personal website link): ... more

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Crispy Air Fried Cod

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 Welcome to 2021!!! My goal for this year’s adventures is to expand my pallet horizons and try more fish. I feel like there has to be some fish recipes out there that aren’t disgusting. So here is my first recipe: Crispy Air Fried Cod. Holy smokes you guys… I ... more

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Air Fried Grilled Cheese & Homemade Tomato Soup

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 In my last video of 2020, I adventure with my #DeluxeAirFryer to make one of my favorite winter meals… the Grilled Cheese. But, is using the air fryer to make this tasty treat really worth it? You be the judge. I’m also showing you how incredibly easy it is ... more

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Japanese Milk Bread Dinner Roll

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 Looking for a dinner roll recipe that will wow your friends and family? Look no further! This Japanese Milk Bread recipe is sooo amazing!! Utilizing the Tangzhong method of creating a roux (yes… YES, for real) this makes this dinner rolls soft and fluffy and it is literally EVERYTHING. ... more

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Honey Garlic Shrimp – 20 Minute Recipe

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Mid-week BONUS VIDEO! We love shrimp, so on our anniversary dinner night, I decided to let my husband pick the type of shrimp we would cook for our appetizer. He chose a quick and easy recipe of Honey Garlic Shrimp! Perfect, but I’d never done this recipe before today and ... more

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