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Potsticker Soup

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 Our house LOVES Potstickers/Gyoza/Dumplings. I mean, like unhealthy love. So when I ran across this Potsticker Soup in my SOUPS book, you better believe I was going to try it out. And it was SOOO good I made it again the day after I recorded this. No joke. But ... more

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Southern Chicken & Dumplings

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 Now that I’m in the south, I knew I had to share with you my Grandmother’s Southern Chicken and Dumplings recipe. I’ve never seen anything like this recipe and it’s so good, you’ll be making it in the middle of the summer, just because you’re craving it. Also, I’m ... more

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Butternut Squash Soup (Deluxe Cooking Blender)

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 I decided to try out my Deluxe Cooking Blender for more than Blender Parm or a smoothie and… OH MY GOSH! This simple and quickly prepared soup is phenomenal! I have no words for just how easy and convenient this blender is! And it cleans itself… What is this ... more

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Chickpea and Wild Rice Soup (freezer meal)

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 Freezer meals are one of the most amazing things ever! I meal prep several meals on one day and then stick them into the freezer. Then, on days when I “forget” about dinner, they are waiting for me to take out and pop in the pot of my choice! ... more

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