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Crisp Stuffed Apples – Baked and Air Fried

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 It’s Fall y’all! It’s time for… apples! And we are making Crisp Stuffed Apples! It’s fabulously easy and it’s gluten free to boot! This is a great recipe to share with your little ones still stuck at home! You just have to core the apple, stuff the apple, bake ... more

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Plum Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

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 #AdventuresinEverydayCooking #PamperedChef #DeluxeCookingBlender This homemade Plum Jalapeno BBQ Sauce will be the star of your meal! And when you use your Deluxe Cooking Blender, it’s even easier (when you remember to use the sauce function)! If you don’t have a cooking blender no problem! Just use your regular blender ... more

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Instant Pot Korean Beef

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Instant Pot Korean Beef is a quick #GetItTogetherandGo recipe that is so delicious you won’t have any left overs… which is a bummer when you really want more. So I do suggest you DOUBLE this recipe to keep everyone happy! The Pampered Chef accessories I used are: Quick Cooker Ceramic ... more

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